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Pelican Awesomenes


Pictures of the day: 30 June 2010


Ucil, a 4 year old trained monkey performs tricks on a wooden motorbike in Jakarta, Indonesia. The tiny monkey, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, performs wheelies, spins and tricks to passing pedestrians on his replica Italian Motor GP bike. Owner Nuriaman, aged 28, bought Ucil when the animal was just three months old and trained him how to ride.

Horse Tries To Mount Cowgirl and Horse


Traditional Hawaiian shark-tooth weapon


Thanks for the Shade, Mom


The Following is a Ted Nugent-Free Zone


Wakey-wakey eggs and bakey.

Deer God, I hope that’s my mother behind me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who you callin’ a gazelle.

If someone would please remove these roller skates from my feet, I’ll get up and walk away gracefully.

I am much, much prettier than you.

What do you call this magical land where rubber duckies inexplicably fall from trees?

Sender-inner Emily B. writes: I’m working at a whitetail deer ranch this summer, and we’re bottle-raising all the doe fawns. So far we have 46 fawns on the bottle. They’re all incredibly cute, pushy, and they’re all named: The pictures of the fawn in the grass are of His Majesty, who we’ve been nursing back to health. He’s a spoiled brat, but he’s so small and fuzzy that he gets away with a lot; the staring one is Eowyn (she’s a little crazy); the two curled up next to each other are Diana and Wren; and finally, the brand spanking new baby is Clementine being licked clean by her mama, Trey.

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Vintage Ads: Women and the Home


Society and advertising have not always been kind to women; they still aren’t. From the subtle to the outrageous, vintage ads are a great window into the past that entertain, shock, and surprise. Here are nearly 40 advertising examples culled from the golden age of magazine and newspaper advertising: (more…)

Pictures of the day: 29 June 2010(The World’s Smallest Chessboard)


Scientists have created the world’s smallest chessboard – with pieces half the width of a human hair. The tiny board sits on top of a computer microchip. The chip powers a robotic arm that grips micro tweezers to pick up each piece and move them around the board. Students at Texas Tech University took nine months to design the board before entering it in a competition for tiny creations. The chessboard picked up first prize and the team were rewarded with having the design being made into reality.

Please stand by


Jointed borosilicate glass robot figurine


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