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The Hills Have Eyes: Joshua Tree’s Spook-tacular Skull Rock


Skull Rock, a naturally weathered granite rock formation located in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, stares out across an otherworldly landscape of shattered boulders, tumbling tumbleweeds and eerily twisted Joshua trees. These 13 spook-tacular views of Skull Rock highlight the strange anthropomorphic symmetry that causes stone to resemble bone. (more…)


Animals tuck into Halloween pumpkins at


Animals tuck into Halloween pumpkins at zoos around the world

Animals tuck into Halloween pumpkins at zoos around the world


A male orangutan named Tuan gets his teeth into a pumpkin at the Hagenbeck zoo in Hamburg…More

The week in pictures


NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, captured this colourful image of the reflection nebula IRAS 12116-6001. This cloud of interstellar dust cannot be seen directly in visible light, but WISE’s detectors observed the nebula at infrared wavelengths. The bright blue star on the right side of the image is the variable star Epsilon Crucis. The green and red colours represent 12- and 22-micron light coming from the nebula’s dust grains warmed by nearby stars…More

Betaville: Crowdsourcing Urban Design with Online Gaming


How can urban planners allow city officials, architects, builders and neighborhood residents to collaborate equally on new development projects? Online gaming. An unprecedented new  program called Betaville allows a group of users to influence and shape the end result of an urban design using a virtual environment reminiscent of games like The Sims. (more…)

A golden snub-nosed monkey is pictured a


A golden snub-nosed monkey is pictured at the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, Hubei province, China

Wolf and Grizzly Bear


A plucky wolf flees after attempting to join a giant grizzly bear for breakfast in the Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, USA

Pictures of the day: 29 October 2010 htt


Pictures of the day: 29 October 2010

Animal pictures of the week


A golden snub-nosed monkey is pictured at the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, Hubei province, China…More

DIY Digital Design: 10 Tools to Model Dream Homes & Rooms


Paint your walls, try out some hardwood flooring, rearrange the room, furnish your home or build a house from scratch – all without getting off the couch. These 10 digital home design tools (9 of them entirely free) let you play architect or interior designer in 2D and 3D, getting a realistic and accurate look at your design ideas without spending a dime on unflattering paint colors and furniture that doesn’t fit. (more…)

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