Airbrush with Fame: 32 Airbrushed Masterpieces

[ By Marc in Graffiti & Drawing & Guerilla Action & Art & Urban & Street Art. ]

Airbrushed art has always been epic. It’s the true airbrush masters that have the talent to create designs that escape the cheesiness of airbrush stereotypes and create truly jaw-dropping artwork.

(Images via 10awesomecompleteallairbrush)

Flames, explosions, underwater seascapes… the subject matter of airbrush masterpieces are the most entertaining part of the entire artistic experience.

(Images via derenartlinworkmanredbubblekeithnelsonarts)

Portraits are difficult in any situation. Creating a realistic depiction of someone with perfect shading is not made easier using a nozzle, so these portraits are made even more impressive.

(Images via theforceicartistairbrushkeithnelsonartsabsolutextremes)

Looking for art that brings the movies home? These depictions of famous characters would be perfect for any movie room.

(Images via ctbikersguideaerorgraphyxworld-airbrushgeneration-internetjoebysairbrushart)

Airbrushing was made famous by vans with huge magical landscapes, but it was only a matter of time before motorcyclists caught the bug. Here are some gorgeous airbrushed designs that bring these rides from mundane to kick ass.

(Images via jorymonjorymonhelmetsetcalienhelmetsskullskidderhelmets)

A motorcycle helmet is a great opportunity for awesomeness. Don’t waste a helmet with a bland color or generic logo, and spice it up with some badass airbrushing.

(Images via deco-art-ukdallasairbrushvettewebworldairbrush,vetteweb)

Demons and airbrushing were made for each other. The airbrushers unique ability to create realistic flames are a perfect fit for any kind of hell scene.

(Images via truckinnew-airbrushshowcargarage)

It takes absolute mastery to make an airbrushed masterpiece that does not conform to the typical hazy look of airbrushed art. These examples are so clean on the edges that they hardly look like they’re airbrushed at all.

(Images via fineartamerica)

No collection of airbrushed art would be complete without a few animals, which are just as iconic as the classicairbrushed van.

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