Great posters from upcoming movies

movie posters
J. Edgar, by Clint Easwood
Release date: October 11

There’s only one thing that I love as much as I love fashion, and it’s the movies. I love watching good films,  reading news about the film directors, the actors, the crew… 

We have some exciting new films coming soon, such as The Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling (not released in Spain yet), J. Edgar with Leonardo di Caprio by Clint Eastwood, (one of the best actors nowadays, he truly deserves an Oscar), the Iron Lady with Meryl Streep (another Oscar for her, surely), orDrive also with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

They have designed great posters for these films, they are works of art! It’s great when they are allowed to becreative.

movie posters
movie posters
The Iron Lady
US Release Date: December 16
movie posters
movie posters
Martha Mary May Marlene
US Release Date: 21 October 
movie postersmovie posters
movie posters
In Time
US Release date: October 21
movie posters
My week with Marilyn
US Release date: November 4
movie posters
Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy
US Release Date: December 9
movie posters
movie postersmovie postersmovie posters
movie posters

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